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Original text of the interview is below.

-What was the reason for having formed the Tripman Project? Is there any meaning in the band name?
We start playing music together in 2007 and we had so much fun and feeling so we naturally decided in 2008 to be a Band.
Naturally Tripman Project means something, we found it right after our first trip in Japan "2008" and it mean that we have the project to travel around the world as men who like to trip because we love to mix every musical culture.

-Could you tell me the roots of your music respectively?
Ephaystos (Bassist)
I started with classical music on tuba, but I was very rock and metal so Iron maiden, Helloween and Craddle of Filth were my bedside music inspirations.
As a teenager I was fascinated by jazz and funk, so naturally when I start to play bass at 17 I quickly slide from rock and metal to jazz and funk.
It drive me later into funk fusion acoustic music, that I love today.
Kyubi (Guitarist)
I started music at 20 years old, I grew up with no music and no musicians around me but I always have been driving by music .
I remember my childness, mading percussion on my knees, some rhythm with my mouth before knowing that's called "Human Beat-Box". The only great music i had the opportunity to listen was Jethro Tull and James Brown.
I start listening music in my teenager with Grunge and Punk music (Nirvana, Offspring, Ramones,...) and that's never stopped, moved to metal to Funk to Jazz, Fusion ect...Finally my First guitar came to my hand at 20 years old and I never stop to play after that. My inspiration come mostly from the 70's music (Flower Travelin' Band is my favorite Japanese band from this period).

-Please tell me the usual activities of the Tripman Project.
At the moment we focus on rehearsal and composition, we spend our free time musically, we mostly jam!!!

-What kind of music do the Tripman Project aim for?
We have a ambition to sound like a entire band without any Drummer.
We like to mix Funk, rock, Jazz, blues and sometimes pop with an acoustic way.
We aim for our music to be called Percussive Acoustic Fusion.

-The album "Finally" was released in 2016. What kind of album is that? Please tell me about the album.
The Album is a consecration of 3years of work ,it's kind of test Album, we made this EP Album for find out what we sound like and Promote our new style.
It's a concentration of our different influence compressed in 6 Tracks.
We made it at home and it was not easy to do but we are pretty proud of the result and know now how to do better for the next.
This album was released in Japan in October 2017 with Sign-pole Records and is available in Japan on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon...

-You did a live tour in Japan. Why did you choose Japan?
We choose Japan for 2 different reasons.
・The first one is that we love Japan.
・The second one is because for us it was obvious to restart where we begin with (We invented our style in 2010 in Tokyo because our drummer wasn't there).

-How is the impression of Japan through the tour? Was there something good? Did you have any troubles?
We had a really great time , we were afraid at first because of the language barrier but it happen to be no problem at all Tokyo venues are very friendly and we met some great bands and peoples.
The best souvenir we had was to saw the public enjoy themselves with our music. The only difficulty we had was to get a "yes" from the venues we wanted to play in.
We have so much good memories from this tour and we hope we can do it again.

-Please tell me about your future plans.
For the future, we prepare a French tour For next summer and continue to make videos.
We are focused on composition of the next Full Album at the moment ,we hope to get the Album ready for next years.

-Please give a message to Japanese guitar fans.
Thank you for your interest and for being a part of Tripman Project Family.
Try to do that at home but please don't break your fingers.
Don't be afraid to be yourself !
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